Golden Rules To Follow while Preparing for Civil Service Examination

UPSC-Civil-Services-Exam-2017-Apply-for-980-IAS-IFS-IPS-Jobs-at-www.upsc_.gov_.in_ Rule No 1 . Never Predict Anything
UPSC stands for unpredictable public service commission for aspirants . UPSC puts every year something new for you . For e.g in prelim from which how many questions will be asked you never know .sometimes it will economy some time culture some other time current affairs . similarly in mains weighatage is never known for each subject .
So learning from here is that prepare each subject ,topic and sub topic diligently because you never know what comes in Examination .
Rule No 2 :No Shortcuts or Keys :-
You need to prepare basics at least once . Basic include NCERTs ,Basic Books , IYB, Eco Survey etc .
many people you will found saying you may directly study coaching material . But it may not work for you if something work for something else . So give at least once through basic books .
Rule No 3 : – Make your own strategy keep it improving :
We all have different minds having different capacities . our circumstances educational backgrounds learning levels are different as well. So A particular strategy particular coaching may not work for you .If you can not make your own strategy at least tailer fit someone else’s strategy . This will bring best out of you .
Rule No 4 : – Maximum utilization of resources :
Utility is one of the great concept in economics . According to this concept addition of of each new unit gives you less satisfaction then previous one .
at some point it turn negetive too . for e.g you eat Ras Malai for first your satisfaction is maximum with eating more it will start decreasing .at some point you no longer need to eat .but if you try even then it will fire back . so read the book and material you have properly . try to gain maximum from this source only .do not run for each new book each new coaching material you find .I have seen many persons those purchase new material every other day . but never read it .
collection of material will never make you able to clear exam . so make a golden rule .
Purchase new material only when you have finished that you have.
people those top the exam and those fail have same material but topper read it others just collect.
Rule No 5 :-UPSC old papers or papers of other exams conducts by UPSC are best for practice .No coaching test series no mock can even reach standard of UPSC exams . so solve them religiously .one thing to note here is that you should know the art of solving of paper along with topics asked in papers .only topics will never work .
Rule No 6 : UPSC is marathon not a sprint :-
its a long race even for clearing in first attempt you need at least about one year from prelims . you need to prepare for optional ,static GS then current GS . You need regularity in your preparation .
a time table followed religiously .
What is booklist and sources person must follow :
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