Economics and Social Issues

sustainable_developmentNow next question arises how to prepare for Economic and Social issues for NABARD Grade A Exam .what books material or strategy needs to follow .

This section you need to prepare with two aspects in mind :-

Factual knowledge which will help you in Paper II or Prelim Paper I .

Conceptual knowledge which will help you in English Paper . which is common to both for both generalist and specialist .

For Economics and Social issues :-

You must start from NCERTs Class 11th and 12th

Class 11th Indian Economic Development  

Class 12th Part I Micro Economics 

 Part II Macro Economics 

and    India People and Economy 

Then Read Chapters of India year Book related to Economy Social Sector as well as Agriculture

  India Year Book  2018

Government Schemes you may read from  GK Today

 GK Today Government Schemes 

Read all four Books then Follow Mrunal’s Previous year’s Budget and Economic Survey series . You may skip parts from this series those are not relevant .

Then Read Economic Survey  and Budget Speech( at least )

Economic Survey and Budget 

For Social Issues you may again start from NCERT

There are two books

1 . Indian Society 

2. Social Changes and development in India 

Then you may read Ram Ahuja Social Problem in India 

But here you need to keep one thing in mind both Economics and Social issues are dynamic issues .you need to read about changes our society and nation is going through .

So you need to read at least one national daily for general coverage and one other for Economic Coverage .

So you must read for  till examination Columns articles and news from these newspapers those are related to you Syllabus .

You may read

Either The Hindu / Indian Express

Economic Times / Business Standard ( here read only about general economics not details of share market etc )

read Socio-Economic census 2011 search Google for this

NABARD Annual report ( read conceptual about issues related to syllabus  not factual data )


If even then Time allows you may read

Yojna & Kurukshetra   ( 6 issues till examination )

You also need to prepare for Environment issues as mentioned in Syllabus for that you may read

Shankar IAS Environment  ( read only specific topics given )

So this is all you need to prepare for Economic and Social issues . This section is dynamic as I told you already . Here your competition will be with candidates those are preparing for IAS or RBI Grade B from years . So you need to work on both aspects your writing skills as well as factual knowledge .


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