Question :-Can Final year/ semester Students Apply for NABARD Grade A examination ?

Answer :- You need to have your eligibility as on 1st March 2018 . If your result is later then this date you are not eligible to apply .


If you have any other Query ask in Comments . I will update it in this Post . 🙂




15 thoughts on “NABARD Quires

  1. If I apply under economics discipline and fail to clear final cutoff. Will I be considered for the general discipline?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  2. Sir , i have Ramesh singh for Economy and Arun katyayn for Agriculture , should i still buy ncerts or just focus on these two books , any suggestions from your side will be appreciated 😊.


  3. Sir I am Bsc agriculture graduate and doing MSC agricultural economics final semester. My pg will be completed in august. Am I eligible to give Nabard exam. If yes in which category like general, economics or what I can apply for.


  4. Sir, I have applied in the economic discipline. I want to ask u that for this post cut off of mains exam will be from 200 ( 100- essay etc, 100 esi and agri ) or from 300 marks ? will they consider economics paper for cut off or is it just qualifying? please help sir.


  5. Sir, 1. for ARD section, shall i buy ” Agriculture at a glance ” authored by RK sharma.
    2. Can i prepare for upsc-cse along with probation in NABARD, as my final target is UPSC exam, how much time i can gather in my probation period ?
    Thank you !


  6. The nabard annual report is to long to read is it a must read?
    Few topics of syallabus are not directly available in internet what to do ?
    Farm mechanization what to do .
    How do I prepare for computer it’s the portion totally left .?


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