NABARD Mains Final Guide

Write at least one essay daily on any topic .

you may choose topic from current /static portion.

you may also write on topics already asked in NABARD/ RBI/UPSC .

Along with the revision what you read in prelim . Do read following :- As you know paper is comprehension read this at least .
1. Economic Survey
Chapter 1 ,2,3,5 ,6 ,7 of volume 1 and chapters 1 5 and 10 of volume ( do not mug data )
2.Daily newspaper topics of exam may be prepared only read IE/ The Hindu whichever available .
3.NCERTS of sociology and economy & Human Geography .this will help you right a better essay .
probable Topics for essay are :-
Discrimination on the basis of gender .
GST and its impact .
Climate change and agricultural .
NPA issue in banks .
Balance of power in different organs of govt .
Independence of judiciary .
these are some of the issues you must prep . traditional issues are always important .