How to Get most from IYB efficiently

How to get most from India Year Book for Prelims UPSC / PCS

First you must have one hard copy of India Year Book. No matter which year it is.

link on amazon

New and updated chapter you may read online or pdf available in various groups.

Then First Three Chapters are really easy and important.

You may read them thoroughly.

For all other chapters and these chapters too.

Just solve these 300 questions like an open book Test.

These question are made my Mrunal and Insight of India .

While solving them like an open book Test you will fetch lots of info from book.

You will came across many important facts and subjective knowledge.

Then while you are solving any UPSC previous paper you must refer to India Year Book once.

After solving above questions you will easily guess whether this question is part of IYB or not.

And last most part of IYB now also available on site of govt of India.

But searching from book made you more aware then searching from net.

You may also see previous year Mrunal’s keys to know which questions were from IYB .

Try to locate from where these were asked and how.

All this exercise should not take more than seven days along with your regular plan .

After seven days and following this plan religiously you will found that now you know pretty much about India and its Govt .this will help you solve at least about 10% paper in any exam of UPSC/ other service commission.

A post by Jagtar Malwa on website malwadiariesyearbook

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