Always Aspire To Be Better


The Type of society we are living today is quite complex .The Position One hold at present depends upon many factors viz social ,economic, political and others .with in these factors there are sub factors those determine our present standing viz job, profession ,caste ,wealth ,ancestors, educations, health, nationality and intelligence etc .
Some of these factors are constant others are variable .The variable factors are changeable .you may acquire new skills higher education ,or wealth to change your present worth.
So with a complex play of all these factors the present position of a person is determined . This creates a multiple starta in our society .As compare to earlier classification of two class acc to marxism and present division of upper middle and lower etc is no longer valid .
There are classes among classes and sub societies among societies .
I am writing all this to make all of you understand one simple point .The position you enjoying today is changeable .
If you continuously aspire to do and input the variable factors accordingly your position, attitude of society toward you ,respect will also vary .
Education ,Job ,Knowledge ,Creative Arts,Intelligence or wisdom are some of those factor you can change .
You may develop your hobby in creative art .
You may acquire some new skill/ education which may help to go for better opportunity in job market .
You may prepare for some other exam if you are not satisfied with your present job.
The point is that there is always something to improve with in you .There was always something which may bring some better from your inner self .
You just need to explore that thing .you just need to continuously evolve yourself .
Finally Always believe that you does not belong to place where you are today ….Something Bigger and Something better is waiting for you .
Use your potential to Grab That ….

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